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TheHeartsandCake90it's brittany ,soin today's video i will share with you my top 10 favorite human hair headband wigs you know the biggest trend in wigs? Headband Wigs Human Hair what's a headband wig? i don't think i like it. I thought it would look kind of old fashioned because you know half wigs and headbands have been around for a long time.

Head band Wigs Top 8

MyQualityHair Kinky Straight Head band Wigs

so myqualityhair is on here twice ,I think they have some of the best affordable human hair wigs ,whether they are head band wigs or late or lace wigs ,so I highly recommend that company.

Wow African Highlighted Head band Wigs

it's beautiful, Wow African is more on the more expensive side, so keep in mind that this is more of a luxury, but I think they did a great job with this wig and I really love it, and this is only the second time I have worn it, so that's a big deal.

Julia Hair Curly Head band Wigs

why uh it's the julia hair curly human hair head band wig i tried a few months ago and i had it in 24 inch and it was stunning in this video, this was the first time i used a wig handle instead of the combs in the wig

MyFirstWig Abe - Yaki Straight Head band Wigs

i got from myfirstwig more compared to the ones i tried like recently and i actually still love Abe - Yaki Straight and Destiny - Curly so Abe - Yaki Straight is a like light yaki textured headband wig and it's about 16 inches so it's a very everyday kind of look

MyQualityHair Kinky Curly Head band Wig

if you're looking to save some coins definitely go with a myqualityhair kinky curly head band wigs human hair even though i love the HerGivenHair as well but that's nice too

YGWigs Loose Wave Head band Wigs

the loose wave head band wig from YGwigs i felt so pretty in it when i uh first reviewed it it's a gorgeous wig uh the biggest con about it is that the cap size is so small and i have a big head and i looked on yg wigs and i was like i don't think they have different cap

Nadula Hair Kinky Straight Half Wig

so i told you guys about the nadula hair kinky straight half wig but then i was blike
i don't want to blend my hair every day i love the headband wigs because of the convenience so some days well most days i don't want to blend my hair

HerGivenHair Coily 3c/ 4a Head band Wigs

every single day it's very beginner friendly and easy to maintain so yeah so the loose wave head band wig from washi wigs is my absolute favorite but yes it's tragic because the cap is so small so i'm going to be on the hunt for a loose wave texture head band wig