How To Choose The Proper Lace Color ,if you're a wig beginner

How To Choose The Proper Lace Color ,if you're a wig beginner - myqualityhair

  If you choose the right lace,it will blend to the skin.

  Right,and it doesn't have to be Transparent Lace.

  No,what you'll find with Transparent Lace,it is so delicate,that even when it comes to ventilating on,the bath can stretch so easily.

  We are getting ready to explaining to you how to choose the right lace for wigs,and then,we're going to talk about How to choose a correct lace color?

  Transparent Lace,Light Brown Lace,Medium Brown Lace,Dark Brown Lace

  First,part your hair and appearance at your scalp color.Choose the lace color that matches the colour of your scalp.If you cannot find the lace color that matches your scalp exactly,it's better to travel lighter than darker.If you’re still unsure,the safest choice is Transparent lace.We recommend using Transparent lace,which is additionally transparent.

  Transparent lace is undetectable and blends alright with any skin tone.However,if you're a wig beginner,this might not be the simplest option because it's very soft and want to handle it very carefully to stop it from tearing up.Transparent lace is additionally costlier,so consider this if you've got the allow it.

  In case you’ve chosen a lace color that doesn’t match your skin tone,there are quick remedies you'll do to unravel this problem.

  When you find that your lace color is lighter than your scalp,you'll try the subsequent methods to darken your lace:

  Method 1:makeup foundation/concealer

  This method is that the easiest and quickest one,but it’s only a short lived solution to repair and adjust your lace simply need a foundation powder and a brush to correct your lace color.

  Firstly,flip the wig inside out.Then take a foundation/concealer and lightly press the merchandise onto your lace to form it blend together with your skin complexion.This takes only a few minute.

  This technique is best for short-term lace wig wearers as makeup becomes messy and wears off after 2 to three days.

  Method 2:Lace tint spray/makeup spray

  Lace tint spray or makeup spray is best applied on wet lace if you select this method.Spray the tint on the rear of the'll let it air dry for a couple of minutes or blow dry the rear for a couple of seconds.



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