“NO WAY that’s not your REAL NATURAL HAIR!” 3 IN 1 Kinky Curly(3C-4A) Half Wig

“NO WAY that’s not your REAL NATURAL HAIR!” 3 IN 1 Kinky Curly(3C-4A) Half Wig

my natural hair a wig well wigs aren't necessarily new for me
but it's been a very very very very long time
since I've Incorporated wigs as a protective style and when I do choose to wear a wig
I just can't seem to gear away from the natural Kings and girls
now glowing down a lace is a skill that I have not mastered yet and for all my girls who have that ability and skill for some of us

Reflecting on my journey with wigs and why I'm returning to them as a protective style. Embracing the beauty of natural hair textures and the challenge of blending with wigs.

Co-washing the wig to maintain its integrity while preserving its curl pattern. Moisturizing and prepping my own hair for the protective style ahead.

Installation Process:
Explaining the steps taken to prepare my hair for the wig, including moisturizing and scalp care. Demonstrating how I incorporated my mini twists into the wig installation process. Using a satin beanie as a wig cap alternative and securing the wig in place with clips.

Styling and Blending:
Fluffing and separating the wig's curls to create a more natural look. Comparing the length and texture of the wig to my own hair, highlighting the seamless blend achieved. Discussing the benefits of the half wig style in terms of comfort and ease of installation.

Reflecting on the success of the wig installation and its compatibility with my natural hair. Expressing gratitude to the wig company and viewers for their support. Encouraging engagement and feedback from viewers, inviting them to share their thoughts and experiences. Encouraging viewers to subscribe, like, and turn on notifications for future content.