Installing a glueless wig! 7*5 24inch lace closure wig

Installing a glueless wig! 7*5 24inch lace closure wigs

While I don’t usually post about my beauty finds, this one I simply couldn’t resist sharing with the world. Picture this - pulling off drop-top vibes on a summer night with a brand-new wig. Recently, I got my hands on a new unit from AliExpress, a product of Sean Hair Wig. Join me as I unbox and explore this exciting addition to my collection!

Myqualityhair Wear & Go Deep Wave 7x5 HD Pre-cut Lace Pre-bleached Tiny Knots Glueless Lace Closure Wig [PL03]

Unboxing the Goodies:
The wig arrived in an eye-catching pink bag, containing not just the wig but also some pleasant surprises. Inside, there was a comb (with a thick rat tail - a favorite!), lashes, and a wig cap. Though I usually skip wig caps unless they're black, having these essentials added value to the package.

First Impressions:
This 24-inch length wig was pre-bleached and pre-cut, making it a breeze to get started. Its beginner-friendly design eliminated the hassle of cutting the lace or bleaching and plucking knots. The wig was designed for a glueless experience, lacking any clips but featuring an adjustable band for a secure fit.

Trying on the Wig:
Upon unveiling the wig, I was impressed by its natural curls and the overall construction. Putting it on straight out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it fit without any adjustments. The transparent lace gave it a seamless appearance against my skin, although I applied a touch of face powder for an even better match.


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The Final Look: Without any additional styling or adjustments, this wig looked stunning. It felt like a keeper right from the start. The ease of wear and the minimal effort required to make it look perfect amazed me. I even debated skipping the usual steps of water or curl defining products because it looked so good as it was.

Final Touches and Verdict: To ensure the lace matched my skin tone seamlessly, I applied a bit of foundation and blended it along the hairline. It made a noticeable difference and elevated the overall look. A touch of bronzer further enhanced the natural appearance, making the wig blend flawlessly.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the Sean Hair Wig unit from AliExpress turned out to be a game-changer. Its effortless wear, stunning appearance straight out of the box, and minimal need for adjustments made it an instant favorite. Whether you're new to wigs or a seasoned enthusiast, this one's a must-have in your collection.