NEW Pre-Styled HUMAN HAIR Wig LESS WORK Full Finger Coily Texture *Fluff n Go* Soft Hair CurlyMeHair

NEW Pre-Styled HUMAN HAIR Wig LESS WORK Full Finger Coily Texture *Fluff n Go* Soft Hair CurlyMeHair

First of all, Welcome back to my channel, everyone! I'm KY Sean, your girl, and the topic of today's video is testing out a new Curly Me Hair unit. I'm thrilled to share my opinions with you after they kindly sent me this wig to try out. We're trying for a "out-of-the-box" SLAY in today's video: minimal product, maximum impact. So keep watching if you're interested to see how I changed this curly wig with very little work! Initial Impressions: This Curly Me Hair unit is eye-catching right out of the box. It is obvious that this wig is ready to rock with little effort thanks to its luxurious curls and synthetic fibers. It gives off strong human hair feelings while being a synthetic wig, and I'm here for it. Now let's get started and discover how a few easy steps may boost this beauty.

Prepping the Wig: Let's take a time to prepare the wig before styling it. I'm going to give it a quick spray of water and some hair freshener to get rid of the faint chemical odor. This gives the hair a freshening touch while simultaneously masking the odor. In order to achieve a flawless transition, I'll also use my Nairobi mousse to mold down the hairline. Procedure for Styling: It's now time to meticulously style this wig. I'll lightly comb through the curls with my pick to give them body and volume. To provide a natural look, I'll also adjust the hairline and trim any extra lace. I'll add some extra realism to the wig by sculpting the edges a little. And just like that, we're set to kill!

Final Touches: I return to complete the styling after a brief makeup session. To give it some more flair, I'll tie a headband on and use hairspray to keep everything in place. After making a few last tweaks, the appearance is finished, and I feel amazing and fierce. To sum up, the Curly Me Hair unit has beyond my expectations. It's a winner in my book because of its lovely curls, realistic hairline, and simple styling method. Regardless of your level of experience with wigs, this wig will improve your appearance with little work on your part. Therefore, Curly Me Hair is the only place you need to visit if you're looking for a versatile and reasonably priced wig.

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Final Words: I'm grateful that Curly Me Hair sponsored this video and sent me this amazing wig. Make sure to utilize the link and promo code listed in the description below if you'd like to check out this device for yourself. For more material, remember to like, comment, and subscribe. You can also click the notification bell to receive updates on all of my most recent videos. Till then, keep being amazing!