The Ways to Fix Your Human Hair Wigs

The Ways to Fix Your Human Hair Wigs - myqualityhair

With the development of society and economy , people’s life is better than before , although people ‘s pressure is growing for their better life . Nowadays , people not only want to eat and drink well , but also chase beauty and health . The development of hair industry is flourishing , thus wigs have become more and more popular recent years . People especially young girls and ladies pay their attention on wigs . They find that there are all kinds of wigs in the market , there are different colors and hairstyles . People often choose the one they like best to buy and wear it for a long time . Then they find that their human wigs become frizzy , they hope to fix the wigs but they have no idea about it . I want to give you some help , so in this article , let’s talk about the ways to fix your human hair wigs .


1. Untangle your wig

If your wig is a curly one , it is easier to tangle , a tangled or frizzy wig will look not very well . Hence , the first thing you need to do is to remove the tangles and the knots. You can do this with your fingers or wide-tooth comb to comb the wig from the bottom to the top .

2. Wash your natural hair wigs the right way

 After removing the tangles and knots , you need to wash your wig , because if the wig is worn for many times or a long time , it will look dry and frizzy even look so dirty .

To wash your wig , you should prepare shampoo and conditioner , then you wash it just like wash your own hair . Pay attention to the water you use , you would better to use tepid water , if you use hot water , you will damage the wig . After washing it , you need to place your wig on a wig stand and let it dry.

3. Restore its moisture

 As we all know , human hair wigs do not get natural oil or sebum from the scalp as natural hair does . Hence , they are easier to tangle or frizzy than others if they don’t have enough moisture . You would better to keep your wig has enough moisture if you usually wear it in your daily life . In addition , you need to make sure use a heat protectant on your wig and store it correctly.



 4. Don’t brush your wig when it is dry

 If you love your wig , you would not better to brush your wig when it is dry . Because it will be more tangled and frizzy . The best way to brush it is using wide-tooth comb to brush the wig when it is a bit damp. You need to brush it from the bottom to the top . In this way maybe you can use your human hair for a long time .

5. Let your human hair wig dry if possible

After washing your human hair wig , the best way to dry is drying it by air , in this way you can make the wig smooth . You should do this as possible as you can , using too much heat can damage your wig. 


Besides what I mentioned in this article , you also need to pay your attention on two things . First , you need use your heat tools on a low setting , another is ensure proper hair care maintenance . I hope you can get some help from this article when something wrong with your human hair wig !


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