All You Need To Know About Diamond Auto-Cap Wig

All You Need To Know About Diamond Auto-Cap Wig - myqualityhair

To be honest, there is little to nothing a good lace front wig cannot do. These wigs can take to you from basic to boss babe in no time. This is mainly because of how realistic and natural-looking they appear.

So, this begs the question, is the perfect lace front the ultimate goal? Have we outdone ourselves when it comes to designing a legitimately perfect wig for all?

One of the major causes for any wig to fail you is the material at the back of the lace front wig can cause breakage split ends, even balding issues. And wearing the wig cap all the time puts much pressure or your hair that also can cause the balding issue.

Myqualityhair has been looking for the balance between wearing a good lace front wig and protect your natural hair.

This is where the brilliant Kie RaShon comes in.

For many years, Kie RaShon worked with Myqualityhair on many wig-related projects with the sole purpose of making wigs better both from a design perspective and from a stylistic point of view.

Kie RaShon, then came up with an ingenious plan to have a wig that comes with its wig cap, hence the name diamond auto-cap lace front wig. This wig is essentially supposed to cushion your hair just as a wig cap should against any friction but in a more durable, hassle-free way.

All you need is your hair properly moisturized and sealed, put on your wig, and go about your day stress-free. The best part is that it works!

The benefits of having an auto-cap lace front wig:

  • No more wig caps/stockings for your wigs. Since most wig caps are very light, you can only use them once and that’s it. It is more cost-effective to invest in a wig that is already pre-sewed than to buy wig caps that tear, run out, and are unreliable.
  • The installation is faster. Let’s face it, without having the wig cap well laid and even glued, your whole installation is just not as seamless.
  • No more fear of damage and bald spots from tagging and snagging.
  • Since the material used is mostly silk, you can be guaranteed better moisture retention, actual hair protection, and hair growth retention without having to do too much.

You can check out our auto-cap lace front wig here, and check out Kie’s review video.


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