Are Human Hair Headbands Wigs Still Worth It???

Are Human Hair Headbands Wigs Still Worth It???


This video is going to be brought to you by the company myqualityhair. so I'm going to be showing you guys a human hair headband wigs, and yes, it has been a while since showcase one. But I'm excited to do this one because we need something easy and beginner friendly. 

 This unit that I will be showing you guys is their kinky curly 18-inch 150 in density, and I have a cap size small. You can hear my final thoughts on this. human hair headband wigs, and if you still need one in your stash. all right yes your girl is back. 

 But this is with a human hair headband wigs, and it has been a while since I showcased one on my channel. You guys know for a while, it was just like the craze, everybody wanted one. 

 And it has kind of died down a little bit, but do I think that they are still worth, purchasing the answer is yes.

 We don't want to be worried about any lace, we also don't want to be worried about any glue or adhesive.something to just kind of put on and go and still feel like. you don't have to worry about doing too much,then I think that these are worth having in your stash, personally really love the kinky curly textures.

 When it comes to human hair headband wigss, just because they look so natural, no matter what you decide to do to them.If you want to wear it down or put it in a ponytail, it's still going to look good.Now I decided to showcase mine as a twist.I am happy about it, but the curls are very soft.

 I mean even with this twisted, I feel. like it still gives you a good amount of movement. my twists were not perfect, but I tried to do them a little bit smaller in the front, so they would have a little bit more definition. I also did kind of trim down a little bit around here. I probably need to trim up the back just a little bit.

 But I like that it hits right here, this is 18 inches, in length which is 18 inches.the kinky girly style usually hits about 16, so I am happy with the way that this is looking now this unit is 150 in density.

 I like this density because I feel like it looks with it twisted, it's not as big, and it doesn't give as much volume as if you did a wash and go, and you decided to fluff it up. but, of course, the older this gets the bigger.

 If I was going to pull this up into a high ponytail, I definitely would put some bobby pins back there. also because sometimes it can lift and move around and I have not mastered.

 Like the perfect ponytail, I always tell you that is a struggle for day, I will master it and get it right.

But the way that, the headband ends up covering the back. you can't tell anything, still have one of the myqualityhair units. from last year, and the only thing that I will say is that over time you wear it, the velcro does start to wear down. 

 The good thing though is that myqualityhair is very affordable. so if you need to re-up, you can do, so without feeling like it. you are breaking the bank still feel like, these are great to invest in.

In they're ready to wear beginner friendly.You don't have to worry about harming your edges or anything.And you can style them in less than 10 minutes.You don't have to do all the extra stuff.

 You'll be good to go.And you can always dress these up with different headbands If you have little turbans, you want to rock with them on days.

That you just don't even want to worry about the headband.It's still going to look good.

so do, I think you should still have one!



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